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Wallick & Volk Celebrates 80 Years in the Mortgage Business

80 Years of Excellence in Mortgage Lending

This is more than an Anniversary. This is an inspiring American Success Story.

In 1932 the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression. 13 million Americans were unemployed (24.5%) Thousands of banks and businesses had failed

And despite the obstacles . . .

JackWallick boldly began what we know today as Wallick & Volk.

Wallick & Volk has vast experience in navigating tumultuous economic circumstances including:

  • 1978 Begins double digit interest rates reaching 20% by 1981,
  • 1986 - 1995 - Savings & Loan Crisis,
  • 2008 - Financial Crisis and corresponding Real Estate Crisis.

Yet, with careful planning and strategies, Wallick & Volk has prospered for 80 years and has a very bright future!

This is a story worth telling!

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Wallick & Volk

Wallick & Volk Scottsdale

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